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Deep, dark, matte black, the Phantom Prestige® 500 Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Side and Rear Burners is the total grilling package. From the top of the lid to the locking casters, this gas barbecue is completely silky matte black. Edgy and attractive, the Phantom has the full capabilities of an outdoor kitchen. Upgraded iconic WAVE™ cast stainless steel cooking grids and a multifunctional grilling rack – ideal for entertaining and incredible appetizers – round out the already incredible features of a Prestige® 500 Gas Grill. Four main burners, a rear burner, and infrared sear station, this grill cooks meals using a plethora of unique grilling styles. Stainless steel sear plates provide extra surface area for drippings to vaporize, keeping this luxurious grill clean, avoiding flare-ups. The matte black knobs are backlit with the SafetyGlow feature filling the night with blue light that turns red when the burners are on. The Phantom Prestige® 500 Gas Grill is more than just a look. It’s a lifestyle.


  • LUXURIOUS MATTE BLACK FINISH – The silky, modern, matte black finish provides exclusive, low-key luxury.
  • INFRARED REAR ROTISSERIE BURNER – Infrared heat from the rotisserie burner is perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting.
  • UPGRADED MULTIFUNCTIONAL GRILLING RACK – Premium, heavy-gauge, stainless steel replaces the warming rack in this barbecue with an all-in-one appetizer grilling station.
  • CAST STAINLESS STEEL ICONIC WAVE™ COOKING GRIDS – The iconic WAVE™ shaped stainless steel cooking grids are rust-resistant, require little maintenance and provide even heat.
  • INFRARED SIZZLE ZONE™ SIDE BURNER – Achieve ultimate steakhouse perfection by creating a caramelized crust that seals in the juices.
  • NIGHT LIGHT™ KNOBS WITH SAFETYGLOW – Never accidentally leave the gas on and know which burners are lit for multi-zone grilling.
  • INSTANT JETFIRE™ IGNITION – This innovative and easy to use ignition system shoots a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually for quick start-ups.
  • LIFT EASE™ CENTRE-GRAVITY ROLL TOP LID – This specially built lid uses centre-gravity to lift smoothly without extending past the back of the grill, saving space.
  • CROSS LIGHTING BURNER – If a burner goes out or fails to light, cross-lighting brackets automatically ignite the adjacent burners.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL BURNERS – Providing the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen, our premium quality burners blaze with efficiency and even heating.
  • DUAL-LEVEL STAINLESS STEEL SEAR PLATES – The staggered set up creates even heat distribution and protects the burners.
  • ACCU-PROBE™ TEMPERATURE GAUGE – Accurately gauges the temperature for optimal temperature control when grilling.
  • Cover & Rotisserie included
  • Gas hose and regulator included (suitable for 12.7kg Esso or 9kg Sun Gas LPG Tank)
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime
  • BTU’S 80,000
  • COOKING AREA 17.75 x 28 in
  • 31 burgers
  • HEIGHT 50.25in (127cm) or 57in 145cm. with LID OPEN
  • WIDTH 66.25in (168 cm) or 53.75in 137cm with SHELVES DOWN
  • DEPTH 26.50in (67.50 cm)



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