Stainless Steel Auto Locking Tongs (Damaged Packaging)

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Grill enthusiasts around the globe say that the most important tool in their arsenal is a good set of tongs.


Napoleon’s Stainless Steel Tongs are the best ones for the job. Starting with the perfect length, these tongs are not too short, nor too long. The rubberized grip inserts keep the tongs cool to the touch and give extra gripping power when in use. The 16-inches of stainless steel feel balanced and are easy to use in dainty hands or big strong ones. These Stainless Steel Tongs feature a sensitive spring action that allows them to be incredibly dexterous. Pick up a single pea with these tongs, or flip something larger than a two-pound steak. The scalloped ends grip food nicely without piercing the food and spilling the juices. Lock these tongs closed for easy storage. They fit in the kitchen drawer easily. Or hang them from the convenient loop.

Height (cm) 4
Width (cm) 7.5
Depth (cm) 40.5

*This item is new, but has been on display at a store and its packaging has been damaged. Please see pictures for examples of damages.



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This item: Stainless Steel Auto Locking Tongs (Damaged Packaging)

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